Robbie Williams: Versatility and Artistry

After breaking into the music scene through a boy band, Robbie Williams did not waste time in packaging himself as one of the UK’s most popular home-grown solo pop artists.  His talent in singing and in expressing himself and his music in other artistic ways has been described to be very unique.  Despite his distinctive touch, however, Williams continues to score hits.  This has made the music industry’s observers amazed.  Apparently, pop music is well accepted by the listeners because of their themes and musical forms applied.  However, Williams continued to introduce changes that somehow improved the quality of music without deviating from his pop roots.

On the other hand, Robbie Williams did not only gain fame because of his talents.  His attitude towards his success and even to the demands of the music industry has also resulted in infamy. Immediately after he went solo, he had always borne the tag of being the bad boy of UK’s music industry.  Such label however stuck even when it comes to the whole of Europe.  Interestingly, this is not a bad thing.  People simply love Robbie for his art and talents.  His attitude has never been a major issue or concern, which is why he continues to enjoy success.

Recently, however, Williams has been trying to get rid of the bad boy label.  This move is so much welcomed by the UK.  It is clear that Williams would have been much more popular among the younger ages if he had been able to get rid of the bad boy tag so much earlier.  Nevertheless and despite the fact that the negative label has stuck, Williams continues to enjoy immense success, which is clearly a sign that everything is doing well in his career.  The new image that he is projecting has immediately gathered praise from the other sectors of his target listeners.  Now, even the much younger kids have become fans of the star.  Parents do not have to worry though because Williams himself has succeeded in making himself a little more wholesome.

Despite his colorful personality though what people would never fail to appreciate is his talent in making music.  Robbie Williams does not just sing but he also makes his own music.  It is quite clear that the inspiration that he has could only come from the fact that the words that he sings come from the heart.  Because of this, it is right to say that he does not just sing but he actually expresses himself so honestly through his music.  This is a trait that only a few people could find in themselves. Williams, however, has done so almost effortlessly.

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Because his style continues to improve, there is very little doubt that he would lose his popularity too soon.  With songs that cut across generations, Williams could connect with individuals with various age levels.  There is no doubt that Williams is bound to enjoy success after a much longer time.  This is because not just of his popularity but also because he is doing his music best.