Singer Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is an English singer and songwriter who had his first stint as a member of the popular English boy band Take That. It was during his early days in school where he got into the play “Oliver” and where he showed his talent as an entertainer. At the early age of 16 he got as a member of the boy band “Take That”, after his mother saw an ad for this and he got accepted after audition. He departed from the band in July of 1995 after some differences with the other band members. He began his solo career after this departure and begun writing songs and releasing albums. His career started slowly and got modest album sales with his new songs. The single “Angel” was his breakthrough song and this song got voted as the second best song of all times by British voters.

Robbie Williams also had a stint with the band Oasis when he adapted into the rock and roll lifestyle. He got involved with drugs and alcohol and also eventually broke away with the Oasis band. After he got solo and achieved celebrity status with the success of his song “Angels”, other songs also got into the top ten singles in the charts, making him even more popular.

There are speculations in the British media though about his sexuality and also about his romantic exploits. However, there are also talks about him being a smooth womanizer. Robbie Williams is however a married person now and also has a daughter.

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Robbie Williams – Music Career

Robbie Williams has been in the music industry for quite some time. He is known for his diverse and broad range of music preference. He makes sweet love songs that many people can relate to but also does not shy away in making quick and upbeat tracks.

Most people know Robbie Williams as an English singer-songwriter and an occasional actor though most of his movies target a niche audience and not many of his fans know very much about his acting career. This is why Robbie Williams is known as a singer first rather than an actor. His huge success is quite apparent especially with millions of views and tons of likes from his music videos found in several streaming website.

Robbie Williams’s singing career goes a long way prior to his solo career. On the 1990 at age 16, Robbie Williams joined the music group Take That becoming one of its youngest members to ever join. Because of drug abuse and certain disputes, the group had to remove Robbie Williams on 95-96 which lead to Robbie Williams’ solo singing career which was well received by the music industry. His most notable song in the late 90s was a cover of World Party’s She’s the One Song which garnered him a huge following and lead to future projects and tracks. As years of singing profession progressed, Robbie Williams continues to improve gain a huge following and fans and as now in good terms with Take That who made a return on 2011.

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The Singer Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is a popular and well renowned British pop singer. He started his career when he was still in his teens and joined the boy band Take That. The boy band became very popular in the UK in the 90s but because of many differences with the other band members, he broke up with the band in the mid 90s. He shifted to the rock and roll way of life and joined the British band Oasis. Because of this new lifestyle, he became exposed to alcohol and drugs, as those others also exposed to the rock and roll lifestyle. He eventually broke up with the band Oasis and went single with new songs and albums. Some of his singles got into the top ten in the charts and he attained celebrity status.

There were many speculations though about his sexuality and also his romantic life. There are many saying that he is a womanizer although some also cast doubts on his sexuality. These were mere speculations, but what is real is his actual contributions to people and society. He set up a charity in his hometown and also gave money to the disadvantaged few. What he did to people has endeared him to them.

Robbie Williams have many successful albums to his name. He even has a duet with popular actress Nicole Kidman which landed at the number one position in the UK and also have a song with Frank Sinatra digitally added. His albums and songs had great reception and also good sales while also received mixed reviews.

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Singer Robbie Williams

We have known him for being a member of the pop group Take That and when he went solo, he became a very successful solo artist. We also know him for his nickname which is Robbie. Yes, Robert Peter “Robbie” Williams is still in business even though he is now at the age of 40. He even did his own tour and reach number one in the UK in his solo career. He went back to Take That though and their album became the second fastest-selling album in UK chart history and the fastest-selling record of the century so far. He is still in the group and does solo works too.

Where is the singer Robbie Williams nowadays though? Well he is still doing music and he announced in September 2013 that he will have a follow up to his 2001 swing album. He named it Swings Both Ways and was released in November. It featured some covers and original songs with some duet recordings of famous artists too like Michael Buble and the like. His latest appearance was at November 2013 where he made a cameo appearance in the video to Murs’s song Hand on heart.

So far Robbie has been on his quest on composing better songs and making another album soon while doing some gigs here and there. He has been in some shows since then and is still helping the Take That band for their album soon to be announced.

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Singer Robbie Williams

Singer Robbie Williams is a singer and songwriter and occasionally is an actor but is a greater commercial success as a solo song artist. He is a member of the popular English boy band Take That but is more popular as a solo artist. William’s popularity started to rise in the early 90s during the band’s popularity, but ultimately left the group in 1995 after many disagreements with other members and with management of the band. He got into a solo career and got fame and popularity as a solo artist.

Williams rejoined his boy band group in mid 2010 and together they released another album which became a fast seller in UK. Robbie Williams, as a solo artist, has sold over 70 million records worldwide and also considered as the best selling solo artist in the UK and honored with many awards including the UK Music Hall of Fame. Williams is married to actress Ayda Field and recently his wife delivered their first baby. Williams announced the birth of his baby girl in London which the couple named the baby Theodora Rose, and affectionately called Teddy.

Robbie Williams is known as a controversial person and also as the “bad boy superstar” with many controversies surrounding his personality. There are even news that he faked his own death, with some saying that these were meant to get attention and more popularity. Through all these, Williams remained as popular as ever as a rock artist, with his highly charged pop rock songs which are adored by many people.

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Robbie Williams Fashion Sense

Most artists in the music industry try another aspect in the realm of fashion. This is actually true with regards to Robbie Williams. Last September, Robbie Williams had launched his own mid-priced clothing line along with Victoria Beckham and Liam Gallagher, who also started in Hollywood with their booming music career in the 1990’s and decided to step out in the public by introducing their own styles and design.

Robbie Williams is very proud of his own clothing line named Farrell. All these designs are created by Robbie Williams himself. During the preparation, he was integrally engaged and regularly attended to meetings.

His clothing line is actually named after the Robbie Williams’ grandfather, Jack Farrell. This fashion label aimed to please those men who want something new, who want something which is “a bit of snap in their clothing.” This statement was actually coming from the team of Robbie Williams. Farrell features various coats which include a Crombie; it is a quilted country-style jacket, a cable-knit type of cardigan, and a dinner jacket.

On the other hand, Selfridges which is known as a British high-end clothing retailer becomes the first-ever luxury clothing shop to buy Robbie Williams’ clothing line which is actually named after Jack Farrell, his grandfather – after he was attracted by the “heritage look” and “clear brand ethos.” According to Reece Crisp, the Selfridges’ men’s contemporary purchaser, ”Farrell has a very clear brand ethos in its focus on a heritage look, and it is actually executed well,” he added. Moreover, Robbie was really excited after knowing that Selfridges planned to buy his clothing line.

The Farrell line of clothing by Robbie Williams has really a very clear brand ethos; this statement was greatly emphasized by Reece Crisp. He added that, the enclosure of both tailored and more casual pieces makes this clothing as one of the best lifestyle brands. He also said that their contemporary business with regards to menswear is growing significantly and they are always on the market looking for more possible collections for their line of brands to offer to many customers. Their British labels of clothing are performing excellently this season. One best example is Barbour and they are very pleased and proud to introduce Farrell to the market, most especially to the British people.

Reece Crisp also said that the main strength of Robbie Williams’ collection actually lies on its outerwear – all the coats are very well-cut and especially strong. And because of this, the Selfridges is expecting to have an excellent sale with this clothing line which includes the quilted jackets, pea coats, and trenches. There are 3 pieces which are exclusively and solely designed for them.

Robbie William, the Take That star, first announced his own fashion label last year in the month of July, right after the influence and distinct style of Jack Farrell, his late grandfather. Last November 2011, he recruited Ben Dickens, the ex-Burberry director in the design. He made Ben Dickens as his own lead designer. This Autumn/Winter 2012-13, his next line will be a  military-inspired twist.


First Impressions: Robbie Williams Then and Now

Probably one of Europe’s “bad boy” in the music industry because of his antics in the past showing his naked body in MTV, Robbie Williams shines again in a less controversial but definitely interesting stage in his life—fatherhood. Or to be exact being called a “Daddy” soon.

His recent post on Facebook showing his “Two Little Girls” shows the more human side of Williams – warm, caring and loveable. He also showed the natural trait of a man who is excited to see his newfound happiness, which is of having a child of his own.

My first memory of Robbie is still clearly etched on my mind. Back when he started to become popular all over the world, all I remember of him were his abs..and yes, his eyes—huge, penetrating and playful. I don’t particulary remember what song was that but I remember the video where I saw him walking slowly and starting to get naked—showing his abs and his muscles.

I was never a huge fan of him but still his music brings a certain uniqueness that made it distinct from the other popular music genre of his time and somehow stuck to mind what this guy can deliver. His antics too in the production of MTVs are like a constant discovery of what will be his next move that will surely shock viewers.
For conservative types, Robbie’s songs and MTV productions are not for them. But for an audience and a listener who wants something different and new, Robbie Williams will be part of That List.

It is even interesting to note that Robbie is actually a royalty in the UK after reaping awards and earning recognitions for his chosen craft. The song, which I now remember as entitled “Rock DJ” became so controversial, that it made its mark not just in the UK but the rest of the world.

Rock DJ was MTV Europe Music Awards’ “Best Song of 2000” and “Best Single of the Year” at the BRIT Awards and an MTV Video Music Awards for Best Special Effects. In 2004, Williams was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame after being voted as the “Greatest Artist of the 1990s”.

This guy is even super talented. He is actually a songwriter and a vocal coach. (Not to mention that he also acts sometimes). He was the youngest member of the British boy band Take That when he joined the group at the age of 16 and when he left the group, Robbie’s star shined even brighter.

But now, his star is showing a different kind of shine as he welcomes his new baby anytime next month with his wife Ayda.

He has even declined to appear in the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics because her wife’s due date is on the same day he is scheduled to sing on August 12. Robbie has to prioritize his hubby and daddy-to-be duties over an Olympic performance.

Such act of love only shows how warm a person Robbie Williams is, so unlike the first impression I made.

I won’t be surprised if I’ll be online in the following days searching and reading for any news about Robbie and his little princess.


Things to Learn from Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams may well be considered as one of the top pop artists that the UK music scene has produced in recent years.  The popularity that the singer has is actually not just limited in the country itself.  Williams has also been able to make waves in other countries.  A number of his songs have actually reached the top ten in many international music charts.  Of course, this could be further proven by how his albums have fared in both the local and international music market.  Apparently, there are secrets behind his success.  It is through learning what these secrets are that one can definitely emulate the singer and, perhaps, create the conditions of his own success.

The very first thing that one could learn from Robbie Williams is his willingness to train himself in different musical instruments. A lot of pop artists have managed to learn only one or a couple of musical instrument.  Interestingly, a big number of those who do get to learn to play some instruments never really make use of their talents when they make music.  Williams, however, is the exact opposite.  The reason why he tends to make beautiful music is that he makes use of his knowledge with quite many instruments.

Practice is definitely the key if one wants to become an excellent artist or singer.  Robbie Williams’ determination to come up with an amazing performance every time that he has a show, a gig, or a concert is another aspect that budding artists should also try to follow.  Despite the fact that he is already quite good in his craft, Williams feels that he is never good enough.  This thought encourages him to work doubly hard in practices.  In so doing, he only improves himself even more, which naturally results in his performances always becoming better than the previous.

Packaging is another very important concern when it comes to pop artists.  In the current world of pop music, it is no longer enough that one has the creativity or the talent in order for him to succeed.  Since the music scene is already market-oriented, there is a need for every pop artist to be packaged well.  Robbie Williams also does well in this respect.  Although he is not really as bad as projected, the ‘rebellious’ image somehow made him more appealing.  This is the reason why he seems to play his cards right in this regard, making people believe that he is really bad because this is an effective marketing ploy.

There could be a lot more things that one could learn from Robbie Williams as an artist.  However, the most important of all these is the determination to continue perfecting his craft.  Actually, even the non-singers or non-artists could still learn this very valuable lesson.  Nobody is born a master in his craft.  One who is an expert had to undergo certain experiences from which he derived lessons.  This is actually true also for those who are aspiring to become pop artists.


Latest Gossip about Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is a popular singer and songwriter in the UK and a pop artist who have sold millions of CDs of his songs; many of these included in the top singles in the music charts. He is not only known for his singing talent but also his unique way of expressing himself and his music. He is known to continuously introduce changes in the way he makes his music thereby improving its quality, without deviating from what it is originally, and that is pop. Equally with his popularity is his being tagged as the bad boy of the music industry in the UK. However, despite the tag, he is loved by fans and people who appreciate his kind of music.

Because as a singer and pop artist he also writes his songs, he is loved by fans knowing that his songs come from the heart. This is what endears him most with fans, knowing that he is expressing himself through his songs, and this he makes it so honestly through his music. His music style continues to improve, and this makes him able to connect with listeners to his music of various age levels. Although the bad boy image still sticks, his human side is accepted very well by fans in this interesting fatherhood stage of his life. His impending fatherhood made him cancel his previous singing commitments because of the scheduled delivery of his child, which fall also on the same day.

This impending fatherhood stage can erase previous questions about his sexuality. There ware previously some controversies that the music artist faced, and this did not only concern about questions on his sexuality but also problems regarding alcohol and drugs. This is probably because of the interpretations on the meaning of his songs where a lot of people find hidden meanings like those pointing him to have some homosexual tendencies. These are only rumors though, and fanned further by some blind items posted in the press. For an artist though, this can only be a good performance that he should create on stage, that to create one with fantasy and one that can excite more the fans.

Robbie Williams is known to have a very good disposition when he interacts with his audience during a performance that he has. His personality and humanity on top of the ways he deliver his unique kind of music, makes him very much endeared to his fans and audience. This makes him one of the most loved artists in the UK. Although his drug abuse and alcohol problems were when he was still a member of his previous boy band, this still continue to hound him. His solo career, after leaving his previous band, propelled him to the top of his singing career, and this erased some of these issues hounding him.

The issues of alcoholism, depression, and others may have continued hounding him, and this is probably because he is facing self-esteem problems. This is common among popular artists and singer performers. His seeking professional help and his impending fatherhood shows his human side, and this is very well accepted by his fans.


Getting to Know More about Robbie Williams

How would you consider an artist as a major force to contend with in his own industry? For one if he has sold over 55 million CDs. This is even truer when he is able to sell 55 million of these as a solo artist right after leaving a music group. This only means one thing that you are one of the elite musicians of all times. It is never that easy for any artist to have a long career, with the highest accolades from both fans and experts in the industry, and of course tremendous sales on top of it all. One artist has been able to achieve this and has been able to maintain his popularity still and this is Robbie Williams.

There is however one controversy that this great artist has been facing and this is his sexuality. No matter how frequent and how expressive Robbie is of his sexual preferences, still a lot of people have found innuendos and hidden meanings in his songs that point to his being a homosexual or one to be having tendencies. These rumors and innuendos only led the press people to be more interested in his personal life.

But that not’s all there is to Robbie’s life as a musician. There have been a number of tribute acts for Robbie. However, those who truly know him closely would tell any performer that in order for him to be much like Robbie, he should be able to create a fantasy on stage while he digs deeply into the things that happened to him in the past and consider the performance on stage as an escape from all of it. The real Robbie Williams often takes offense quite quickly and he has the instinct to fight and defend first before he asks for questions. This in itself is very manly of him. The best way to go would be to focus more on his own type of dancing, singing and of course how to handle to crowd and get them always excited.

Robbie is also known to have a sunny and friendly disposition if he interacts with his audience. He tends to overlook the faults of other people; that makes his personality work around people who are drunk. There might be something though that you might notice in Robbie and that is his own vulnerability. This oftentimes draws in more people. However if you are a tribute performer, this may not be a good thing to project if you think you cannot handle your own weakness.

Robbie’s vulnerability is what makes him the most loved artist in the whole of the UK. One thing that makes him unique is the contrast of his being famous and successful and rich and that of his constant search for self-worth. This endears him more to a lot of people. There are even rumors that he had to cancel out a tour due to his depression and that he needs to undergo intensive therapy to be well and perform at once.


Robbie Williams: Versatility and Artistry

After breaking into the music scene through a boy band, Robbie Williams did not waste time in packaging himself as one of the UK’s most popular home-grown solo pop artists.  His talent in singing and in expressing himself and his music in other artistic ways has been described to be very unique.  Despite his distinctive touch, however, Williams continues to score hits.  This has made the music industry’s observers amazed.  Apparently, pop music is well accepted by the listeners because of their themes and musical forms applied.  However, Williams continued to introduce changes that somehow improved the quality of music without deviating from his pop roots.

On the other hand, Robbie Williams did not only gain fame because of his talents.  His attitude towards his success and even to the demands of the music industry has also resulted in infamy. Immediately after he went solo, he had always borne the tag of being the bad boy of UK’s music industry.  Such label however stuck even when it comes to the whole of Europe.  Interestingly, this is not a bad thing.  People simply love Robbie for his art and talents.  His attitude has never been a major issue or concern, which is why he continues to enjoy success.

Recently, however, Williams has been trying to get rid of the bad boy label.  This move is so much welcomed by the UK.  It is clear that Williams would have been much more popular among the younger ages if he had been able to get rid of the bad boy tag so much earlier.  Nevertheless and despite the fact that the negative label has stuck, Williams continues to enjoy immense success, which is clearly a sign that everything is doing well in his career.  The new image that he is projecting has immediately gathered praise from the other sectors of his target listeners.  Now, even the much younger kids have become fans of the star.  Parents do not have to worry though because Williams himself has succeeded in making himself a little more wholesome.

Despite his colorful personality though what people would never fail to appreciate is his talent in making music.  Robbie Williams does not just sing but he also makes his own music.  It is quite clear that the inspiration that he has could only come from the fact that the words that he sings come from the heart.  Because of this, it is right to say that he does not just sing but he actually expresses himself so honestly through his music.  This is a trait that only a few people could find in themselves. Williams, however, has done so almost effortlessly.

Whether it is his music or his performance, Robbie Williams always has a way to catch attention. That’s why he has to make use of online means to help him deal with it. He always asks help from the web design professionals from Los Angeles. You can check them out from here:

Because his style continues to improve, there is very little doubt that he would lose his popularity too soon.  With songs that cut across generations, Williams could connect with individuals with various age levels.  There is no doubt that Williams is bound to enjoy success after a much longer time.  This is because not just of his popularity but also because he is doing his music best.